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Time to perform some necromancy on this thread

Christmas is coming, and with it my first family reunion in Guatemala in years!

Conveniently enough, I have commissioned a laptop delivery. Updates to resume, I'm excited to get back into writing again. My little agenda is absolutely stuffed with detail, the adventure just keeps getting better and weirder.

Coming soon: New Orleans and Riding Through Hurricanes (I'll save the disappointment now and state that I just like exciting titles and didn't actually ride through Isaac), A Trespasser's Guide to Not Getting Shot in Texas, Riding To The Top Of The World, Utah and Other Planets, and the Rebirth of Frankenbike!

Not to mention Mexico...

I'm in Belize now, I'll have to search the forums but I feel I must have met a few people from the boards on my ride, hopefully I can catch up!

Cheers from an oasis of comfort in Belize, the report soon to be back rebuilt better than ever!
Or at least updating more or less regularly...

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