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Try to get another opinion on the Chamfer, my memory says yes.

For the switches and the rear brakelight switch as well I carried them just because along with brake master cyl. kits and caliper kits.

I'd pop the grease seal on the sprocket carrier bearing and add a little grease, grease the swing arm bolt and pivot, bleed the brakes and Only use Dot 4, Dot 3 won't cut long steep descents., especially the rear caliper will boil fully loaded dragging down a twisty mountain road in the 2nd/third world.

For wheels, I tied my spokes and carried a regular motion Pro wrench, the torque wrench was in my wrist.I tightened my spokes every time I change a tire and oil them on the inside first so the nipples are smooth.the junk under the rim band will scare you so I clean that.

You do have to go over every electrical connection with silicone grease or oil.
You will need the countershaft O-rng and bushing. I reuse the bolt and spring washer but put it om with red Loctite.

That's a hassle because you need a propane torch to get it loose. I carried filters behind the windshield.

Clutch and throttle cables of course.

Special tools...snap ring pliers, needle nosed vice grips, scissors, feeler gauges, Yada yada, the list goes on and on.

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