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Exactly, nothing gained from worrying.

However, I am going to go through them again as suggested by the Oilhead Valve Adjustment for Dummies (OVAD) to get them fine-tuned.

The lateral play was on the edge of spec according to my friend so I think I'm going to go ahead and adjust that too while I'm at it.

Another thing I learned from the OVAD was the tightening of the nut on the valve adjustment. It's clear to me () that I over did it but hopefully did not cause permanent damage. 8 Nm is not a lot of torque. The nut is clearly easy to replace, how about that 3mm allen bolt? I could not make heads or tails of the Max BMW fiche.

Anybody willing to help me id the PN for that allen bolt? The bike is an 08 non adventure GS.

Thanks to everybody that has been helping with this. At some point, once I get my knowledge built up a bit, I can hopefully pay it forward by helping someone else.
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