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Wicked Update

Well, I went through and cleaned a bunch of grounds, disassembled and reassembled the switches on the handles, and it seemed to fix the issue. However, a fuse blew while I was putting the bike back together. This was the rearmost fuse. It had seemed a bit titchy as I was putting her back together, in that it seemed to have a poor connection. If I wiggled it the lights would go off (opening the circuit). I replaced the blown fuse. Also the big blacker lay marked "blinkerelais" first buzzed when I was attempting to use the right turn signal, with no accompanying lights. To Make a long story short, I now have brake lights when the ignition switch is in the on position, as well as turn signals. No tail light though. Man trying to type on an iPod Touch is difficult. I haven't tried the horn yet. I did take her out the next day though. I rode in traffic in my little town a whole two miles. To buy diapers. Now I have to be sure the ground for the fuse box is OK. Have to wait til after Christmas though, as I have a a smaller bike to assemble for my oldest son. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll keep you posted.
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