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Originally Posted by Multiplicity View Post
You could run one 30amp relay controlled off the CanBus to power the lights and that box and never worry about enough power to the headlamp ballasts. Let the CanBus control the relay and you'll have the delayed timeout too.

Would it be possible to hook a relay to the light circuit for control and use a 30 amp relay to the HID ballasts ?

I hate using an under rated control device. Time will tell when your feed wire melts
I could do that, but why would I? With the PDM, I run a single switched source instead of a bunch of relays. It's essentially a solid state fuse box that has programmable power on/off delays. The PDM provides 6 circuits, up to 60A…so I'm not sure where you're getting the the idea that it's under rated. The DDM xenon peaks as 6A and tapers off to ~3.4A once it's running. I only run one ballast, in the event it fails, I can still turn my halogen high beam on.
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