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Originally Posted by Multiplicity View Post
Okay! I was under the impression it only had 5 amp circuits because you said you can run it on one, even though
the ballasts start and peak @ 6. You also mentioned being able to join 2, 5 amp circuits to get a 10 amp capacity.

I like the Bus delay and use it to control my accessories. It activates a 30 amp relay to control a 12V buss that will carry 30 amps if needed.
One relay only, so it's a clean setup. I have my gerbing plug wired to the battery direct.

I looked at that controller. I see what you're saying. It's not cheap, that's for sure. Looks like a nice setup, but kinda over priced IMO.
The whole thing is kind of confusing, there was a V1 and V2 PDM, each with different features. After a few emails back and forth, what it came down to was you have 60A and the controller can be programmed to deliver power however you want, with whatever startup and/or shutdown delays. From the factory, it comes with its circuits preset with a 15A and 5A circuit on a 180S shutdown delay and 15A, 5A, 5A, and 15A without any shutdown delay. All have a 6s startup delay.

It was a little pricey, but for the convenience to only have to wire one thing made it worth it for me. I also like to support people who are willing to innovate. I believe the inventor is actually on this forum. Digital is also a huge plus for me. How it stands up in the real world? I guess we'll find out!
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