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Originally Posted by Boondox View Post
Well, it's 16F and snowing on top of the foot and a half we already have, so it looks like my riding season is over for a bit. Brought the GSA into the heated shop and started tearing it down for the annual cleaning. Am installing Krista lights on the bike (already had the little Glendas on the hack) to throw more light downrange. I hadn't planned on doing a lot of night riding, but with temps of 108F in the Ozarks last year the dog and I started our days at 3am to beat the heat.

Working with Clearwater was great, BTW! I wanted to control both sets of lights from a single dimmer and they custom made a harness for me at no extra cost. There are cheaper options, but with customer support like that I'll keep going back.

I think the Clearwater lights are cool looking. Where are you mounting them? I've heard from other GSA riders that mounting them above where the stock fog lights mount protects them better in a fall.

Post some photos after they are mounted, please...
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