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Paul Clipper
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Damon just let me know this event has gotten some discussion going on ADVrider, great! I rode it in 1995, after working the event the previous two years. It was so much fun in so many ways, and the experience left me with a deep appreciation for the state of Nevada that won't go away. It really is a beautiful place, if you don't mind the lack of green! Riding the Rally was an eye-opener. I should have had a dual sport bike with a soft suspension for my ride, but instead rode a stock KTM that was damn near rigid. At the slow speeds I was traveling the bike pretty much beat me to death! But it was a helluva experience. Of course, I owned Trail Rider at the time and covered it for the magazine. Recently I pulled the Trail Rider stores, added some more thoughts to them, gathered a bunch of pictures and published a Kindle book that's now on Amazon, if anyone's interested. Hopefully I won't get flamed off the site for gratuitous self-promotion (I won't post a link, just do a search), but it was a fun project and I think a lot of folks will enjoy it.
If they ran the Nevada Rally again, I'd for sure be there in one capacity or another. I don't think I'd ride it, though. Once was enough. I was slow and ill-prepared then, and now I can proudly add "old" to the mix as well!
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