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And back again.. CO-WY-UTBDR-NV to CA

Last August I took a quick and fairly direct trip from Auburn CA out to Denver to show up for orientation for a college program I started. As seen here... After the ride, I left my bike at a buddy's house and flew back to CA to resume work. A month later with some time to kill, I flew back to Colorado to take a less direct route back to CA. I knew I wanted to drive through Estes park and see Lake Granby, after that I figured I'd wander my way to the UTBDR for a hundred mile taste of trail, then slab it back to CA on highway 80 with a pitstop at Bonneville. Not too much to write from here on out so it's mostly a photo dump in chronological order. Schpedoinkle...

New tires (:

Mrs. Elk... Came whipping around corner to a decent little herd.


Got lost above Lake Granby for half a day on trails that disintegrated into nothing.. Had a few uncomfortable moments realizing I probably couldnt get back up some of the steep and rocky trails I was going down.

Favorite picture of the trip.. That's Granby.

Good luck shined on me and I found my way out with only a few bails off the bike. Set up camp, had a cigar, ate some mac and cheese and froze my balls off. Got down to 21F, had to scrape ice off the bike in the morning. Not a bad first day. (:
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