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Thanks very much for the words of inspiration and motivation. I do believe that I was 75% likely to go back and do a better job on my own, but if there were any doubt, your posts ensured that I would do a better job. Like so many things, motivation for me waxes and wanes during a project like this, and after cleaning the engine for an hour or so and ending up with what you saw in the previous pictures, I was frustrated, tired, and at the time willing to say "screw it" and walk away.

Last night your posts had resonated with me enough that I was determined to work in the garage until I made it right after putting my daughter to bed. Want to know how serious I was? I didn't even have a single drink when we went to dinner (Mexican) because I knew it would make me tired when I got home!

So I finally hit the garage at 10pm last night and got started. The goal was to do whatever it took to get the engine to where I, and hopefully you too, would be proud of it.

I started cleaning out the starter tray. You can see in the photos before that it was really, really gunky, and I hadn't planned on removing the starter at all, but was forced to in order to remove the timing chain cover. Things happen for a reason, and I'm glad that I didn't cut corners here.

The starter tray after a wire brush:

Starting to go around the engine with a scotch brite pad to get the spots that I had missed or skimped on before:

Starter tray looking better after scotch brite:

Sides looking better too:

Finally happy that it was about as clean as I was going to get it, I went ahead and applied Rub N' Buff. I had thought about doing this after the engine was in the frame, but I'm gald I didn't - there are so many little nooks and crannies that there's no way I could have done as thorough of a job once mounted.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff! It goes on so easy, spreads forever, and it really soaks into the aluminum. I understand that a lot of people think it's silly to spend so much time on engine aesthetics, but I don't think it's any different than waxing the paint. It protects the aluminum and prevents oxidation. Awesome stuff.

Yes, there is still some dirt where the starter engages with the flywheel. I ran out of break cleaner and all the other solvents and cleaners I had seemed like stuff that I didn't want near the clutch pack. I'm hoping to remedy that today or tommorow.

And then onto the transmission. I didn't get any pictures of cleaning it with the scotch brite pad, but I went over it again pretty thoroughly, and then moved on to the R'N'B here as well:

Installed all new gearbox cover bolts and washers:

And mounted the gearbox back up:

Side by side. Hopefully the last night these two will spend apart!

It was just after 1AM when I had reached this point and I was tired and cold. But I knew that I could go to sleep with a clear conscience knowing that if you bastages didn't approve of this, then nothing would make you happy!

Thanks again for the motivational nudges!

My father-in-law is coming over this morning to help me put the engine back in the frame. More photos to follow soon.....
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