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The late 80's setup has arrived

Thanks to all who've helped on this string . I bought this mc 10 years ago with virtually no miles on it . 65,000 miles, and 3 years ago I started riding it . After weighing the $400-600 investment and the "prudent" 10,000 mile greasing and general servicing of the paragoric driveline/driveshaft on my 93gs . I have decided, It's being retro fitted with a lengthened SA and DS from a vintage mono RT . My other ride is, an RT that has 160K miles on it . I never even looked at the driveshaft, every 20K I'd lube the trans spline . At 50K remove the trans/SA/DS to clean the clutch & it's cavity . To date all the failures in my gs driveline have happened within 200 miles of home base . What I consider very good karma, at about annual, 20,000 mile intervls . I do not want to rely on karma to get me outa Mexico anytime . Front SA brgs, rear FD brgs, and now the DS have failed . The original DS lasted 65,000, ammazzing miles . Looking at 10 to 20,000 miles of riding between the misery of maintaining that driveline is not enough IMO . For $342. delivered, a complete pivot pins to wheel bolts, drive line from a mono RT has arrived here . $342, along with the machine cost I can't handle and the professional wheel build, lie ahead . One such guy outlined the project on ADVR, many thanks, he spent $1500 . This plan has become my way of dealing with paragoricdriveshaft short falls, if it happens inside $1500, I'll be thrilled . My caper south of the border this year is off . One orig DS in vg condition one needing rebuilt, 2 FD's and 2 SAs', the Ohlins 541 . Are about to hit the market, as a result of this desision . I wake at night since this escapade began, with thoughts of this para DS crapping out in the frontier between San Cristobal and Chetumal, on a 110 degree day . Or on the mile high dirt roads of Oaxaca, down into Tapachula . At those temps, and in those locals, where are you to find a "heatgun" or "torch", Just to get it apart ? If in fact you locktite the steel pin to the alum housing ? That's why a year back I began using permatex and marking the pin, with daily inspections . Yesterdays AirMail arrived with another guy asking Oak what to do with the stripped out threads in his gs SA . Along with another gs guy who's rear u-joint failed . I am moving forward by heading rearward at this point . It's been a 3 year crash course in the gs mode . The mc was coined Karma, when the SA bearings went away in Cumberland, Md. after 20k in Mexico . The name was changed to "KarmaNewt" after the FD bearings went away in Richmond, enroute home from Mexico the next year . Karma, because she always gets me home . Newt becuase working on/with it is like dealing with Newt Gingrich the ex unyeilding speaker of the house . Thanks again

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