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The air filter door is at the front right of what would normally be a gas tank. There are 3 allen screws on mine---seems some others have had torx screws.
It's not hidden or under any panels. In fact---it's in such plain view I like to never found the thing first time.

After removing the screws it pulls straight out-------kind off-------but it's not easy---the big wiring harness is in the way. I struggled with it and finally got it out. It's a paper filter.
I used a dremel and ground away some of that door to make it easier---still kind of a PITA.

3,500 miles to date----just 2 things I don't like about the bike----the high beam indicator and the whole air filter thing---all of it.
I'm waiting for you to figure out how to put an ordinary foam filter on this bad boy-----I've already gave myself a headache thinkin' about it

I know---wah, wah, wah, wah,

I just wanted to post a picture to show I'm qualified for this thread.

Now who made that sign I wonder ??????

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