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Some much good advice.

For the chain and sprockets i looked at the primary drive o ring chain and steel sprockets and it was only $72. This is nice and cheep but i am concerted the kit will be just that, cheep. I want to get high milage out of this stuff.

But again I will start putting ride reports on here soon this is just my last
Chance for maintenance beforeMexico so I don't want to forget anything.

Below is my maintenance record sheet if anyone is interested

5400.7 started trip from Montreal June 20, 2012
Forgot to record data here
9733 at cold lake
9834 chain lube
10130. 12k service tires anakee 2 installed font and back lube chain oil change
10446 left cold lake July 27
11162 lubed chain because rain washed it off
11266 chain slack 1.5 inches
11602 checked chain slack 1.5 inches lube chain
11942 lube chain for dirt biking
12646 lube chain rain out of lube
13018 lube chain
13741 lube chain
14037 lube chain because of rain
14671 lube chain
15328 lube chain
15615 added oil because level was bottom 1/4 of sight glass and started 3/4 full so burning oil, filled back to 3/4 using half a liter of Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil sae 10w-40 hope its ok to mix with the kawasaki oil, half oil saved,
15841 lube chain
16042 lube chain because of rain
16574 lube because dirty from off road
16756 lube chain because cleaned with hose because still dirty
17689 lube chain last one before Vancouver
18283 lube chain and filled .5liters of AMS oil before whistler trip
18868 2nd gear motorcycle shop pre service chain adjust and lube, headlight replaced bark buster bolt replaced and skid plate bolt
19000 service at second gear, install center stand, Air filter clean with break cleaner, rear tire Shinko e-705 with hidinuaw heavy duty tube, oil and filter change cold emgo and lucas 10w-40 semi synthetic, battery check it's good,
19010 bike died 4 times after idling for about 30 second hard to start after not sure what wrong, started again then ran ok
19044 lube chain using center stand (cs), oil at top mark with cs front tire on ground
19447 Chain lube because of rain
19820 lube chain because of rain
20299 lube chain because of rain
20500 lube chain wet roads, added 1/4 liter of Lucus sim synthetic 10 w 40 oil (same as oil in the bike) because oil was at half full on center stand with font wheel on the ground. Filled up to upper mark
20788 lube chain, front brake looks low
21330 lube chain
21739 lube chain, on center stand oil at lower mark, added half a liter of oil to get to upper mark
22336 adjust chain over 2 inch play 2.25 and 2.5 right side swing arm adjustment, adjusted to 2.75 (out of total of 6) on both sides, 1 inch to 1.5 play in chain, there is a tyte spot
22414 lube dry chain
22665 lube chain
23118 added last of oil, up to top make
23238 front brake pads installed EBC brakes double-h superbike streetsport and race formula FA228HH
23449 lube chain
23716 lube chain after lots of sand riding
24073 eagle mike
oil change (shell rotella T 15w-40 triple protection jaso ma mike says ok for bike) and filter hi flo oil filter, magnetic oil drain plug catches metal low profile, clean airfilter with water and uni foam filter clean spray uni filter oil used, eagle mike doohickey installed with torsion spring,

Valve adjustment done and new shims

To start
Exhaust .15 min. .15 to .25
Intake .10 min. .1 to .2

Gap gets smaller from use.

New shims to get to max
260 shims from intake to exhaust
250 shims in intake

Exhuast gap .25 max
Instake .2 max

24124 lube chain kinda warm
There are 3,000 pictures (from north america more to come) and a diary of our trip on our facebook page at the link below.
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