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Originally Posted by DriftDragon View Post
I get that a lot.... lol. My brain has random access gears. The problem with Addarall is you have to remember to take it...

I am saying I don't see how ride by wire masks poor throttle response unless it prevents the actual handgrip from being turned faster than the engine will respond. Does a ride by wire bike actually prevent you from turning the handle too fast or does it ignore it when you turn it to fast? If it ignores it when you turn to fast that does not seem to me to change the riders perception of responsiveness as poolside suggested the new LC boxer might do.

Are you mechanically limited in turning the grip too fast? If so is resistance on a curve through the power band? If not how does ride by mask poor throttle response from an ergonomic perspective.

Again... I took his post on it to be speaking from a actual throttle perspective. I am interested in what that masking means to the riders twist of the grip, how does the expeirence of twisting the grip and the response of the bike change? sounds like the rider experience would actually not change at all... lag still experienced the same from a ergonomic perspective. I could not care less if the lag is in the electronics that fire the injector or the electronics that pull the throttle body lever because my experience as a rider would not change would it?

I see ride by wire as an implementation detail without real rider control advantage. Why would a rider care which is used if the experience is the same?
I'll take a shot at this...

With a cable throttle when you open/close the throttle the FI system has to respond to the position of the throttle body butterfly (thru the throttle position sensor input) AFTER you have moved the throttle. IOW, you control the air into the engine and the FI processor controls the fuel to match.

With TBW, the FI computer knows what you WANT to do when you move the grip. It uses that information to move the butterfly via a motor. Difference being, the FI processor can control all of the other FI parameters in conjunction with, or even in advance of, the butterfly movement.

The response lag should be imperceptible to you in a well designed system. But the ability of the FI processor to now control all aspects of the fuel AND air delivery system means lower emissions and potentially better driveability.
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