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For communication between bikes, we are using Blackbox radios hardwired to a cord. One y goes to the push to talk mounted on the left handgrip and the other y goes to the headset mic and speakers. It is very simple and works very well. We have no experience with other systems, but this setup has us completely happy. We are not carrying working cell phones, and the radios are great when we split up in towns or in separate hotel rooms at night.

We have been riding through huge amounts of rain. 2 of the push to talk buttons failed. We replaced one with a spare, and dissected the failed units. We sliced open the rubber cover at a seam. This revealed a damp circuit board with a simple switch. When we pushed the switch, water came out of the switch. We sprayed WD40 on all surfaces and used silicone self bonding tape to reseal. We also taped the cord end, which is, I am certain, the moisture entered. We have taped the cord end on all 4.

I received an unsolicited email from Adam at Rocket Moto, where we purchased the units. He wanted to make sure things were going well Here is his response:

Thanks for the update. I am a bit disappointed with the push button issue. If you can give me some sort of idea what you may pass through in about 10 days, I can get another one to you. Frankly this is an issue that I did not anticipate.

I can seal another one up here before I send it. Let me know, and in any event we'll get replacements for the faulty one's when you return back home.

Have a great holiday and stay safe.


Outstanding service, great products, Thanks a lot, Adam. I think we have the problem handled, but will contact you in the future if we have any more problems.

Thanks Adam.
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