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Heading South

Daniel did a major bike cleaning and maintenance and changed the oil in the Walmart parking lot. We were then ready to head south from Whitehorse.

sara changing the oil by Worldwide, on Flickr

We stopped at Watson Lake for the obligatory photo at the sign Forrest.

Watso Lake sign Forrest by Worldwide, on Flickr

Liard Hot spring was nice for a relaxing soak, but the mozzies were voracious. The campers across from us never left their car. We packed up in the morning fully dressed in our gear and helmets.

Liard Hot Spring by Worldwide, on Flickr

Sara at Liard by Worldwide, on Flickr

Muncho Lake Provincial Park is teaming with wildlife. We saw moose and lots of Bison. We had said that we were not going to stop again to take a photo of a moose unless it had twins.

Sara at Muncho Lake by Worldwide, on Flickr

moose with twins by Worldwide, on Flickr

Bison by Worldwide, on Flickr

Sara and the Bison by Worldwide, on Flickr

dan and the bison by Worldwide, on Flickr

The mile zero sign is in Dawson Creek, BC on the other end of the highway from Hyder, Alaska.

mile zero alaska highway by Worldwide, on Flickr

There will be no photos from the day we road to Jasper since it poured for 7 hours. What an amazing test for our gear though. It was incredible when at one point we were driving over a pass with the clouds super low and at 11 am it was almost dark. It was like driving into Mordor. We had planned to camp, but no way. The rain was so hard it was shooting out of the culverts and straight up in the air. Luckily it cleared up that evening and we had some nice views of the mountains. The Elk here just walk thru town.

DSC01049 by Worldwide, on Flickr

We toured the sights at Maligne Canyon, Athabaska Falls, and the Columbia Ice fields. We hiked up onto the glacier and had lunch. It is so weird because it is not slippery at all. Some people were walking up there in flip flops.

maligne Canyon by Worldwide, on Flickr

dan at Athabasca falls by Worldwide, on Flickr

Rainbow Athabasca falls by Worldwide, on Flickr

dan and sara columbia icefields by Worldwide, on Flickr

Sara crossing the glacier melt stream by Worldwide, on Flickr

sara on columbia glacier hike by Worldwide, on Flickr

columbia icefields glacier river by Worldwide, on Flickr

Camped by the Bow River we were lulled to sleep by the rushing water.

Bow river Campsite by Worldwide, on Flickr

The route south thru Kananaskis and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is incredible. Here we saw Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep and mountain goats. There was a freak hail storm. We came upon the deep hail on the road and luckily some cars had passed so there were tracks. Unfortunately some guy on a Harley was not so luckily. His bike was in the ditch and his gear was spread all over. We got off to search the ditch and under the bike to make sure he was not still there. Someone must have seen him crash a taken him to hospital.

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Peter Lougheed Prov park by Worldwide, on Flickr

Our first UNESCO world heritage site was Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.

Head smashed in Buffalo jump by Worldwide, on Flickr

head smashed in Buffalo jump by Worldwide, on Flickr

Thanks so much to Stan and Shelly Davey for the 5 star hospitality at the Broken Rail Ranch! We headed for Montana at the Chief Mountain crossing. The border official only asked me one question "when did you leave home?" And I was worried they might have an issues with us wandering their country for months. We were sitting in the sun at our campsite in St mary's when ash began raining down on us. There was a huge brush fire near by requiring a visit from the volunteer fire department.

koa fire by Worldwide, on Flickr

The next day we were lucky to have a sunny day and a totally unimpeded ride on the Road To The Sun. This is unheard of since usually it is a traffic jam all the way from the east gate to the west.

Road to the sun by Worldwide, on Flickr

Road to the sun by Worldwide, on Flickr

Road to the sun by Worldwide, on Flickr

We were disappointed to learn that bikers are not welcome at the National Bison Range. They told us bikes are not allowed because they have unpaved roads……do they know about the Dempster?

National Bison Range by Worldwide, on Flickr

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