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I've seen a lot of very impressive things over the past six months, but have to say this one might just be the most impressive:

122 countries I believe? A lot of them more than once. Insane!!!!!

The next night we went out to dinner. Ghost Rider also has a V-10 M6 and drives it like he stole it from a guy who's still chasing him. Endless fun. We ended up at one of the best sushi restaurants I've been to. Yummy Sushi. (No, I didn't make that up.) I'm guessing the chef let his 10 year old daughter name the place after vetoing her first choice (Herro Kitty Sushi!). Silly name or not, we both loved it. I only wished I'd brought my camera so I could have done what they served justice:

Oh yeah--I'm not a big Uni (sea urchin) fan. And there's a reason--most of the time it isn't good. But these guys had live urchins (we couldn't eat that much), and swore by its quality.

This is the look of questioning what's going on.

A squishy, flavorful and cold moment later the look of satisfaction washed over my face. MMMM. Was like fresh fois gras with a little more texture, flavored by the ocean.

And this is one of the unholiest of sushi concoctions that would give Jiro nightmares:

(Spicy tuna over crispy rice, drizzled with unagi sauce and other deliciousness.)

After going over some maps of epic roads in/around Death Valley, we called it a night.

Yet another supremely awesome guy who has worked extremely hard to live the life only a few ever dream of. Don't let his friendly, dignified, patient and seemingly reserved demeanor fool you, though. I'm not sure I've ever met such a calculated and calm TOTAL FUCKING ADRENALINE FIEND. (If my Hendrick's memory serves me, he has over 1000 jumps out of a plane and isn't a commando (that I know of)).
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