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Laos on dirt - 2,400 km in 12 days

Hi Fella's,

Rex and I had a fantastic trip to Northern Laos..
As this was a relatively long trip it will take to long to do one full report.
The trip report will be posted in sections, most likely by the day or days.

Three minute Youtube video from our trip here:-

Thank you Chiang Rai saddle bags for allowing me to leave my bike and gear at the shop the week before the big trip.
Great shop and will be back for a closer look.

Day 1

Thursday night I flew up from Bangkok and met Rex.. Rex had picked up my bike and gear earlier as I was getting in late after work..
Must say.. CRI airport taxis are a rip off.. compared to Bangkok and CNX.. Even did the walk away in disgust waiting for the call back and lower price.. Didn't happen..
So get outside and do a U-turn and all smiles at the desk... grrrr.. CRI taxi Mafia.

Meet Rex and off we go for some beers... and more beers and more beers...

Wake up early and get to Chiang Khong.. Went and did the paper work first near the police station and then down to Bamboo to meet David Unk for breakfast.
The God Father of Northern Thailand biking sees us off at the ferry...

We snuggle up at the front of the trucks.

Get over to Laos..

Everyone is on lunch... Lunch starts at 12 and finishes at 1 officially... But this is Laos.. try 2pm or there abouts...

Wander around.. get a drink etc and kill some time..Finally we are done at 2.30pm..

While looking around we see how the Lao side border check point is proposed to look next year..
On a positive note.. No more rip off from the miserable witch that takes your 500 baht for the ferry ride at Chiang Khong.

We both look at each other and say.. Bugger it.. lets stay here tonight as it is so late. We will take it easy and eat well - it is a holiday after all..
Pledging to make early start we can catch up on this afternoons lost ride..

Just as well we did.. The heavens open and it chucked it down.. We were wandering around town trying to find insurance..
All closed at the border, none open on the main street.. so we ride around and eventually find a Viet Lao broker 2 streets up....

Park the bikes and back we go for Beer Oclock looking over at Chiang Khong and a great dinner.... So cheap and really tasty....

Nice beer tent and great food

Chiang Khong on the other side from our great restaurant

Day 2

Houei Xai to Luang Namtha via Muang Sing

Map used with permission of GT Rider (

Early start.. up with the birds..

The Monks are out and so is the fog..

Nice hearty breakfast..

What was the beginning of many many many egg breakfasts to come over the next 12 days...

We ride up the new road from Houei Xai to the turn off...

Finally we can do some dirt... or as we would find out later.. MUD

Rex showed me a great ride along the Lao / Burma border that runs along the Mekong via Muang Sing to Luang Namtha.

This was really fantastic..

Fantastically muddy...

Time for lunch on the trail.. Bread and Cheese with freshly opened can of tuna so the sandwich isn't soggy...

Perfect. Looking at the Mekong and Burma... A Chinese 4wd came along.. Quite shocked to see us and offered us water etc..
We said we were fine and they left rather amused at the two crazy fellas in the mud..

There is only one thing to do with a muddy bike.. That is get the mud off...

Arrive Luang Namtha..

Beer Lao hall of fame

I decided on the 'Fillet of local with roasted curry' not much meat on those locals..

To be continued....
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