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I have an 09 husky wr300. Been riding dirt bikes since 1977. I used to have a 87 husky cr250 among many bikes. Have ridden all the more recent bikes, ktm 300, yz 250, honda cr250, gas gas 300 etc. To this day I have not ridden a bike with the suspension/handlnig and stability as my 87 cr250. The power was right there with todays bikes too. It felt hevier than my 09 though for sure. But, unless your a faster intermediate rider or above you can spend maybe 2500 on an older dirt bike. Tune it and get suspension dialed in and you can easily keep up with the rich shlubs all day long on theier 8-9k ktm 300's. Take the money you saved and go to some Steve wise classes or something. My 01 cr250 had that "holy shit" kind of power that would put any of the new bikes to shame. As a matter of fact service honda uses toe 01 motor in its new cr 250's. Newer isn't always better
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