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Day 3..

Luang Namtha - Boun Neua

Map used with permission of GT Rider (

We delayed our start as it was still raining, it was pouring down..
Lets have some more eggs for breakfast.... for a change

Didn't look good.. but then after an hour started to lift.

Then we turn off the paved road and the mud and slippery stuff begins.
We began to have concerns how far we could get today if it stayed like this all the way..

We stopped and watched the two Honda Waves.. Cruel but funny to see them slipping and sliding and doing circles etc to make it up the hill...
Doesn't look steep in this picture.. but it was and you can see by the turned up mud.. slippery

Some great scenery..

And more mud

Lots of stream crossings.. all at a reasonable level due to the overnight and morning rain.

Rex prepared lunch.. The Bear Gryles knife was handy, the tuna put up quite a fight.. Rex's superior bushmen skills came through.

We join up to a new muddy muddy road.. just the entire stretch was mud all the way.

Not so many mud pictures now as it was all a bit same same and your 100 th big splash through the slop was not so interesting to take a photo of any more :-)

Lots of potential for land slides along here.. this bit wasn't too bad.. The worse stuff we didn't hang around.

Kids play any where..

Local trying to avoid the real mushy stuff.. Not sure about this strategy though.. Bit of a drop on the other side.

A little Oasis along the way...

FINALLY - we arrive at the paved road...
To be honest.. we both agreed it was a welcome change to ride on the paved road.. Great fun on the mud.. but time for a change..

Fuel stop just out of town..

Lots of spots along the paved road like this..
You can see the soil is washing out from under the paved road... This road is all relatively new.. So watch out for gravel in the corners. But a good road and a good ride

Arrive at our guest house for the night

Not a bad little town.. a few restaurants with clean food.. More omelettes to come...

Decided to skip Pongsali as we want to ride all the way up to the very most northern point in Laos with China tomorrow.....

To be continued...
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