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Originally Posted by Kawidad View Post
I used to own a GS and now own a Triumph Tiger, not that I recommend that for you. The new 1200 Tiger is amazing, but dealer support might be too thin, however, you might consider it.
Semper Fi, amazing how many former Devil Dogs there are lurking this board. ;)

As far as dealer support goes, I think BMW and Triumph are pretty much on equal terms. Yamaha beats pretty much everybody on the list, with KTM being the one I would worry about from that perspective. I'm very lucky in that I have all the mentioned dealerships in town, although the KTM dealership is a bit flaky. The BMW & Triumph dealerships are one in the same.

I owned a Tiger 800XC and it was a great bike, but not for two up riding and my daughter and I end up doing a lot of that. My wife owns the Tiger 800, I traded in the Tiger XC and my RT for a used 2011 GSA, and haven't regretted a single day of that. The 1200 Tiger wasn't available at the time and honestly I'm not sure I could have gotten the deal I did on a new bike. That said, it might be worth looking at. The OP mentioned he would use this for a daily commute, which makes me wonder if the KTM isn't a bit too dirt worthy for that kind of service (kind of like my Buell Ulysses was a bit too street for the dirt... but doesn't mean I didn't use it that way).

A buddy of mine has the Yamaha and loves it. He uses it a lot on the street and like me with the GSA, he hasn't regretted his decision on the Tenere.

With the list of bikes mentioned, I don't think there is a 'bad' one in the bunch and I do think it's going to come down to personal preference at the end of the day.

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