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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
...and Mini is a marque that actually EXISTS, so I don't see the point really.

I realize some of the pragmatic aspects of this outwardly puzzling choice, but TO ME, said choice reinforces somewhat the "out-of-touch-redneck" impression European motor sports teams have historically tended to have about our own (re: Enzo & Henry). This seemed reinforced at Dakar 2012 by what I saw as an attitude of condescension & ridicule toward RG by Stephane Peterhansel, among others.

Unavoidable given the sponsorship situation perhaps, but that's how it sits with me.
You do realize you are talking about the French? Who, for better or worse they are famous amongst us colonials for their condescension. I doubt rebranding his truck would change that, especially given his give-zero-fucks attitude.
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