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Go RG!!!

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
You must be lost, this is a final Dakar effort for this team, it'd be retarded to brand them as something for one race. He tried...past establish a racing effort under a marque that existed when he started, then moved to running the car as a remote control car for big was a Traxxas, not a Hummer. The guy doesn't own oil fields, he's a racer and has a race car.
RG had a dream to WIN the Dakar under an American car sponsorship, Hummer, and has continued to carry on as a personal quest. If he were to win the Dakar with his home built rear wheeler, he will devastate the entire Dakar Rally Sponsorship Program concept... Proving that major auto manufacturers don't know what they are doing by failing to dominate the world's most complex auto race. It's no wonder the ASO will do what ever it needs to, as witnessed last year, to keep it's top manufacturers and their employee drivers in the winner's circle, at all unethical costs.

RG is merely imposing a will cultivated by 100's of years of oppression by European aristocrates. It's an American spirit to those of us American. But it's also a David vs. Goliath story for anyone told they couldn't achieve greatness against corporate bureacracy.

His winning would be the equivelent of the 1981 US Hockey team defeating the Russians for the Gold.

And as evidence why RG chose to mimic the H3... It's a DAMN FUN VEHICLE, Y'ALL...

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