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Many may consider JC too long in the tooth, but if I was any other top contender in this field... the last person I'd want riding on my heels is JC, PERIOD.

If you haven't seen him when he's riding in his zone... Watch The F*&k Out!!!

Many accomplished Dakar veterans say that the road books favor those who read french. And that the navigational language can make or break any good rider's Dakar campaign.

What JC may lack in youth, he makes up for in his navigation experience from last year, and his competitive desert riding pedigree.

I don't think JC expects to win the Dakar... but there's a serious Dakar slaying monster resting inside of his helmet that could get unleashed at any moment.

And you can bet Robbie Gordon will create helpful interference any opportunity he can.

I'd want to be on the right side of both of those two.
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