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Originally Posted by UngaWunga View Post
Let's just forget that they helped up greatly during our own revolution way back when and gave us that cool statue. Yeah, those cheese eating surrender monkeys don't do anything good in the world.

Should be a good race this year. Hopefully Robbie has learned enough to finish all the legs this year without tweaking the organizers too much. Who are the other big competitors? Do the Spanish have a big push going this year?
I wasn't making a judgement on them, I have some friends who are French and despite their shortcomings are great people You can't tell me that you haven't heard at least once how rude the French are to Americans, be it true or not.

Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Hmmm I guess some forget about Jean-Louis Schlesser, or more likely you never knew about him because you just following the Dakar because Rubby is racing it.
I was like ten when all that was going down
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure

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