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Thanks for the continued help and comments....I'm 6'4" so that was part of the reason I was looking at the Adventure and the fact that I'll probably (at least initially) be riding this largely as a commuter to and from work to save on the diesel for my truck. Someone recommended a V-Strom 650 to start...not sure about those personally, but I've heard a lot good about them as well as the KLR 650. Thoughts?

Looking somewhat long term (and again keep in mind I am not retired yet) I would like to plan a trip next summer (2014) from VA to CO to ride to the top of Pikes Peak and perhaps do part of the COBDR.

I hope to be in CA for a couple months before I get trasnferred to VA so I'd love to meet anyone on the W. Coast for a coffee for sure.

The Strom and KLR are in a totally different league. The wee strom is close, but not all that close. They are good bikes and a lot of guys will pick up a KLR to compliment the bigger GSA's, but they can't really supplement the big beemer. The KLR would work okay for a big guy, but the wee is not really set up for large riders. Large men do ride them all of the time, but they really aren't designed for that purpose. The KLR is a fine motorcycle if you understand it's purpose and it's limitations.
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