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The Day the World Didn't End - I Went for a Ride

Last Tuesday, a fellow on Advrider posted his intent to ride (on a TW200) the desert trails on the Owyhee Mtn front, starting at Hemingway Butte, on Friday 21 Dec 2012. This ride perked my interest, but I was hesitant to make a commitment one way or the other, mainly due to weather. I took the day off from work and decided that should I not go on the ride, I had plenty of other things to do at home. However, the weather has to be pretty darn bad for me to not want to go. Channel 7 weather said it would be cloudy and very windy, but no real snow or rain predicted. . . so at the last moment, off I went.

Problem with not announcing a possible "maybe" to ride with the fellow Advrider is, he didn't expect me. So, I show up to an empty parking lot. No one in sight, but the cows down the road at the local farm. I unload and wait about a 1/2 hour or so, and with nobody showing up, I decide to head out. Me and Georgie!

Well, upon my return to the trailhead, this guy on a TW rides over and we introduce ourself's. Turns out, this is the guy I was gonna meet. Problem was, he didn't know I was showing up and was running late. The good thing was, we did get to me and had a good chat! Maybe next time Foolhardy! Moral of the story for me, even if it's just a maybe, go ahead and tell someone.

Another lesson I learned (seems I learn this lesson a lot) I left the fresh camera batteries back at the trailhead and only got a couple photo's before the still camera died. Good thing I had the Contour.

Me and Georgie during a rest. I've ridden past this point before, but never knew it was here. Good thing I was riding slow!

And a self-timer shot of me and Georgie. I'm pretty well bundled up for the wind and cold.

Here's a shortened version of the video I took.

For the record, I hate snakes!

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