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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
HOME BUILT???? Are you smoking crack??? You can't be serious saying that Robby's shop is anything but a top notch professional race shop. The amount of research and development money put into Robby's Hummmmmbuggys by General Motors was HUGE. Dyno time dealing with restricted intakes and and as previously discussed, wind tunnel time alone puts him well above home built budgets.

Schlesser was much more of a home build than Robby ever was. JLS's first buggies were designed and built here in America and he re-badged them and later he simply copied previous designs.

BMW blew the whistle on Robby's illegal intake manifold, it was not the ASO that finally decided to go after him. And as much as Robby cried about how he had been using it without complaint in previous years, having a port of any kind between the restrictor and the engine has always been illegal. Robby knew that BMW would wait until he was considered to be a real threat before they protested, he simply thought he would be able to beat the protest.
It was ASO who failed to DQ Peterhansel for running into a bike in the creek last year, clearly an offense. ASO also gave Despres time back for the mud gate obstacle, giving the Frenchman an advantage over the Spaniard.

In my book, if you are making your own vehicles... it's home built, no matter how big your home is or tools owned. Otherwise, it's just pissing in the wind in your own pissing contest.
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