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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
Using Heated Gear with LiFePO4 batteries
blames the battery. when the fault is putting bike away with a half charged battery.
clear as mud... nah.. it's not that hard to understand. Adventure bikes must have some of the hardest demands on a battery. if you've got a R1200GS and you are planing on climbing the Andes mountains and camping out.
Unless you are doing under five minute rides, and/or you have to use several amp hours worth of battery power to start the bike, your alternator will be able to recharge the battery. But I agree that the best way is too watch a volt meter and make sure you are staying above charge voltage. If you are bringing it home with a half charge you should put it on a tender, LiFe or lead acid. If you are out on a multi-day trip, no tender is needed as most likely not a short ride.

If you are climbing the Andes mountains, you are not taking short rides.
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