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I live in the desert. Things are built with stone, brick, adobe, stucco and steel for the most part. Wooden things deteriate quickly in the harsh heat/sun/weather here. About the only thing I could find was horse barns or hay barns, and not anything particularly interesting. Borderline artistic, but not an "interesting wooden structure". Took another ride this evening in the golden hour, looking for tags. Forgot the camera, so lower res pics with the cell phone.


This is a bit run down, but a pretty cool A frame house in Veyo, UT. Next door to it is a log house of the type where the logs have been sawn flat on the sides. Interesting in it's own right and occupied.

Here's an example of what's left of a wooden hay barn that's about 40 years old, (I'm told).

New tag is a form of transportation from the 19th century. That's 1800-1899 for the challenged. Outside the box thinking expected and encouraged. Reproductions or current version that remains unchanged accepted.

Reproduction of horse drawn wagon used to settle Santa Clara, UT circa 1861 by Swiss immigrants associated with the Mormon church.
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