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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
Yesterday I disassembled all the suspension and swingarm linkages and lubed all the bearings and cavities with Maxima waterproof grease.
While the shock was off I verified the spring was a Eibach 550 in lb., which I was glad, as it is plenty of spring, and actually the heaviest spring that Eibach sells for the Klr now because anything more and it exceeds the Gvwr.
I buttoned that all up and torqued it all to spec, and then pulled the carburetor to clean and verify all the jetting and replace the phillips screws on the float bowl and diaphragm cover with stainless allen bolts and add a T mod to the vent.
The main jet is the stock 145 , but the needle is a Klx with the clip on the 2nd groove.
The slide hole is stock.
The pilot jet is stock #40, but I opened it a hair with a#78 number drill which isn't even a .001" bigger.It should put it between a stock 40 and a 42.
The float level was dead perfect at .690".
And the adjustable fuel screw was 2 turns out, I will have to play with that once I get back on the road.
The airbox is stock except for the removed snorkel.I am going to open it up some more.

I also installed a Sunstar 16 tooth sprocket.
Re-greasing linkage bearings is a good annual service. Probably last forever as long as the bearings have grease!

Don't know about the KLR but my DR650 really responded GREAT to opening the air box up. Also added a Dyno Jet needle which allowed tunability (stock needle is fixed). Huge difference in throttle response ... and still gets 50 MPG. Just a slightly richer main jet is all that's required. That DR loves L E A N ! KLR is probably similar. Let her breath, run her LEAN. They can handle it and your MPG will be fantastic ... and it will still run well up over 10,000 ft.

(Hey, nice Blue Merrell Aussie there! I had a red years ago!)
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