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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
So what's the total travel?

I can't remember what the advertised travel of the F800 was standard, but I do remember using the cable tie measuring process and establishing that the advertised travel was a bit more generous than actual. Especially so after the Ohlins 0.55 springs went in.

having 300mm of travel now is magic. With proper damping it works so much better across all trail types.

I had the Showa forks rebuilt for my 650, with fast hard trail work as a reference. Plenty of air time was factored in. This has translated very well to the slightly heavier 800. Even with lighter spring rates than the Ohlins springs I had, the Showas work so much better that there really is no comparison.

I thought about the Xchallenge forks, but after talking to a guy that races one I was put off the idea. He reckoned I was better off looking at a complete swap. I'm glad I did now. There were some slight engineering glitches, but nothing insurmountable.
I've been using the amount of measurable lower tube or the distance between the bottom of the upper fork tube and the bottom crown of the inner tube/slider, with the bike on the center stand I get 252mm, with it on the side stand 208mm, with me on it(using a zip tie ) 187mm~ , stock travel is advertised at 230, usually you get about 20mm~ before it really bottoms out so the 252 is spot on. After taking the bike for a few hours ride it is within a few millimeters of pre conversion measurements. The 187mm distance is within the recommend 25% sag.
The one thing I noticed today is how smooth and stable the bike feels on the highway and how much easier it is to ride over 70 mph. I have a slightly worn TKC80 with about 4500 miles on it and it felt really smooth for the first time.
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