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Yeah, we've talked about the wobbles in the front end before, and ITSATDM came to the same conclusion as me, or I came to the same as him, whatever....that dropping the front in the triples about 20mm seemed to fix the front end shake.

The Showas have made it a bit taller in the front. I thought that this would translate to a very shaky head wobble. Quite the contrary. I looked at the amount of offset in the axle clamps on the Showas compared to the standard forks and there wasn't any great difference.

It seems to me, that at the standard ride height, you are right in the zone where instability occurs. Raise it, it gets better. Lower it, it gets better.

With the taller front, and the taller rear, I can only just get the rear tyre off the ground on the center stand on concrete. On dirt, the tyre is still in contact. I have the triples lowered on the Showas about 20mm. If I raise the front to full height I can't get the rear wheel off the ground. But it rides really nice on gravel set up like that.

I might just lengthen the center stand.

I got a bit carried away on Sunday and launched the bike off a cattle grid with wifey on the back. covered a good 20 paces off the ground and landed perfectly. Just the hint of a ding as the bashplate kissed the gravel. Wifey was floating with her feet off the pegs and her bum hovering above the seat and her nails dug firmly into my kidneys. She was pissed off and elated at the same time.

For me, that is really the ultimate test. 2 up, punch some air, land like it should solo.

It only took about $4500 to get there. Factored onto the cost of the bike, and all the other accessories, I still have change from a new KTM990. So glad I didn't go down that road now. I'd be looking at spending money all over again.
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