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[QUOTE=blaisew;20313921]Tools? What tools? Evidently only the European bikes had them as I have yet to hear from any US owners with tool kits. The only tool of any note included over the pond is the rear shock adjusting spanner. I used an old spanner from the 70's to adjust mine, but it was very tight in there. I don't think I could get it to work in the tightening direction, either. I put my shock on full soft since the bike is set up for a passenger, and stiffened the rebound. More testing needed to see if enough rebound is cranked in.

I got a tool kit with my Terra (2nd batch). It's pretty worthless but it does have a spanner wrench for the rear shock. It wasn't under the seat. My dealer gave it to me in a box with the manual and 10lb plate bracket.
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