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Day 4 - Up to the China Border.. Northern most part of Laos

Day 4

Ou Tai and the Northern most part of Laos with China..

Map image used with permission of GT Rider (

This is a great ride.. very very scenic and fun dirt road.. took about 3 hrs to ride to Ou Tai.

Most of the road is like this with stunning views in to the bottom of the mountain valley.

Just imagine how this looks at rice harvesting time - Good reason to go back...

Fantastic dirt road.. not too slippery and in good condition..

We named this village.. "Baan Frisbie"

Rex bought a Frisbie at Big C before the trip..
Don't think the kids had a frisbie before.. They loved it.. and before you know it.. The entire village was out..
As you know the kids in these parts are very poor.. As much as we would like to carry clothes for them.. It just isn't practical on the bikes.
Great interaction with the locals.. We only stopped to take a picture of the clouds in the mountains as it was so lovely..
Then Rex thought this was as good a place as any to give his Frisbie away..

Love seeing their photos..

The view we stopped for

Getting closer to Ou Tai.. Around 3 hrs to ride with photo stops, enjoying the scenery.

Coming off the mountain in to Ou Tai - This town is still around 1,300 metres above sea level if I remember correctly..

We have a quick look around the town and check out accommodation.. Tell them we will be back around 3 or 4.


Head off to the China border.. Around 50 KM north of Ou Tai.. Northern most point of Laos..

The road to the border with China. A lot of it is bone jarring.. lots of rocks in the road for the rainy season..

Laos must have some of the most remote and tallest mobile towers in the world... This is around 20 km from the border.

The border with China...

We were really not welcome here.. After this picture we went a bit closer for a photo by the border.
Rex was in front and was nearly greeted with a Karate kick... We did a very quick u-turn and head back the way we came..
Tense first 5 km as on the way out.. Rex saw one of the border guards on the phone looking in our direction as we left..

We stopped 5 km down the road and gathered our thoughts and relaxed a bit and had a bit of a laugh...
Northern most tip of Laos and an attempted Karate kick.. Box ticked - Karate kick a bonus ;-)

Just before entering Ou Tai from the Chinese border direction. (Most of the produce goes to China)
You see many banana plantations too.. Filling up the boxes that state.. 'Produce of China', then loaded on the Chinese registered trucks.

Back to Ou Tai and check in to the guest house.. This place looked real plush.. inside and outside.. But it was like some fake toy house.
Nothing worked.. Plush bathroom.. with fancy taps and sink etc.. but you bathed from a bucket of water.. The usual sheets had been slept in and so on..

But it was fine.. just turned all the sheets inside out... and we had secure parking for the bikes

Time to hunt down a cold beer..
Everything and I mean everything comes from China here.. you see the signs and vehicles with Chinese number plates.
Some of the people in the local shops can't speak Lao.. We were speaking Thai to them and they responded in a Chinese dialect.

We walked up and down the street to find a COLD beer.. All the fridges are barely turned on or the doors don't close properly...

Then we found this place... ICE COLD beers.. Spent the rest of the evening here watching the village life.
Great.. what more could you ask for and boy did it get busy.. Yet again, a local in the middle of no where comes up and has a 5 min chat with us in English..

Neither of us game to eat the food as all looked a bit dirty.. plus you can't trust the fridges.. No one wants to get sick and a three hour ride out..
So it was lots of beer Lao and instant noodles for dinner..

To be continued
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