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Originally Posted by Mr.Moose View Post
Im looking for soem advice. Im looking for a hexhead 1200RT ( 2005-2009) I know that 05-06 have the servo assisted brakes and that 08+ require the gs-911. With all this is there a year that you would recommend or any other suggestions to factor in when I looking?

A couple of the things I have already been advise to look for.
  • maintenance history,
  • history of how the bike has been ridden
  • options ( cruise, heated grips & heated seat are among the one that are most important to me)
  • farkles,
  • overall appearance
  • vibe from the current owner
  • price
Thanks for your input
I have two bikes with the linked servo assist brakes, a 2006 RT and a 2004 GS Adventure. I like them, they are true two finger brakes. Learn to do the brake fluid flushes yourself and do it every year or two and they are pretty trouble free.

I prefer a heated vest over a heated seat but living in So Cal, neither is critical. Heated grips are a must have which I use often. Good maintenance records seem to be more important on later model BMW's than on other brands. With good maintenance they are reliable 100k mi. plus bikes.

One more issue on 07 and earlier RT's is the ease of final drive fluid changes. I think they added the drain plug in 08. Again, if you do it yourself it's no big deal to change FD fluid on an earlier one.

Good luck whichever you end up buying

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