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I know I asked this earlier but would again appreciate anyone's feedback on buying used GSAs. I really like the look of a couple of the 2007 GSAs I've found that are nicely equipped and average 35k miles. Is something to be concerned with or am I crazy for looking at these used bikes when I can have a new Tenere for what these used GSAs are going for?
I picked up my 2011 GSA used. It was sold back to the dealership, and basically was pre-farkled. Had the Vario system cases, additional fog lights, had a Wunderlich seat (which I hated ... seats are such a personal preference thing). But this is really where things that add up really help you when buying used. I sold the rear vario case and seat here, put on a different top case that would hold my 17" laptop, put a stock seat back on the bike (I actually like the stock seat better than anything else I've tried so far), and thinned my herd our in the process. The 2011 I picked up was still in the 18K range, but I'm familiar with the engine and felt comfortable working on the bike should I need to do that while I'm out somewhere remote. That to me was the real key. Plus at the end of the day, everything else on the market is simply compared to the GS, so why not just get the standard bearer? ... and I really like our local BMW dealership and they have treated me and my wife well anytime we needed anything at all.

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