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They are different lamps and there isn't a direct comparison, IMO. The Genesis clusters are flat arrays of many 5mm (T5) LEDs and many of the SB_LEDs are bulb replacements using LEDs in a surface-mount package (fewer LEDs of higher individual output). The Genesis are available with a bulb-base, but with their larger size they can't always directly replace the bulbs.

I went with the 1.8" dia flat array because the turn signals in the Hannigan were sorta factory-adapted from existing UJM turnsignal lenses without reflectors. I tried to adapt a UJM w/reflector but without a reflector to direct and focus the light from the filament a lot is lost and the results were so-so. In an LED the package focuses and directs the light output and with 48 high-output LEDs it's bright. I got the Genesis array with wires (no base) and I hardwired them into the fairing.

THey work well and the SB_LEDs work as well, just different details.

I'll do photos and all and put comments in my "Hannigan Lighting" thread later on. Meanwhile, on a rainy Christmas day, I'm kicking back and chilling...

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