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Merry Christmas to me!

Well I got the screws out on the 20th and I was supposed to wait until tomorrow to unwrap my gift but I just couldn't wait! Thanks Doc!!! Here is what it looks like with one screw removed, another one mostly backed out, and the pin he uses for a guide, I can't say I exactly understand the pin guide thing but it seems to work so what the Hell.

The gauze wrap came off and then the clear covering and pad which was a bit soaked through.

Left side of foot

and top of foot

As you can see there are a couple of stitches in each one of the entry/exit wounds, which will be ready for removal on Sunday the 30th, I plan on doing those myself.

After taking the bandages off and examining my foot it appears that the swelling is way less and the pooling of blood is way less as well. The foot is looking much more like the other one in size and color, which should make it way easier to get into a riding boot.....when its ready

Things are progressing well and I am able to tolerate a bit more weight each day. I think I have only taken 5 or 6 pain pills since the removal of the screws. I just hate taking meds but then again I am probably a bit grumpy because I am not taking them.....ok definitely more grumpy!
I have to say that I was concerned/worried about what to expect when I went in for the screw removal. Now several days have passed and nothing bad has happened so it really was no big deal.

Planning of my next big adventure can continue......Merry Christmas!
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