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Unless you are doing under five minute rides, and/or you have to use several amp hours worth of battery power to start the bike, your alternator will be able to recharge the battery. But I agree that the best way is too watch a volt meter and make sure you are staying above charge voltage. If you are bringing it home with a half charge you should put it on a tender, LiFe or lead acid. If you are out on a multi-day trip, no tender is needed as most likely not a short ride.

If you are climbing the Andes mountains, you are not taking short rides.
good point ... but folks following mfg recommendations don't realize their actual amp hour capacity could be low as 4amp hour.

as you point out above, when things go with ideal conditions as in warm weather. things stay hunky dory... but if/when anything happens out of the ordinary. there's little to no reserve. would you want to be in the middle of no-where with your pig of an adventure bike with no kick starter and no reserve in your battery? (not me.. R80G/S has a kick starter and carries a big honking battery)

then factor in performance reductions when temps goes down. note difference temps makes in chart below

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