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My BMW 336 that I got around ten years ago is marked pretty much like the one in the photo above. It has lobes that are a little higher on one side just like a 308 that I have on my desk. I measured them with a caliper.

Is that the 'yellow' bag the 'Chinese' cams come in? I have seen parts bags like that for decades. I am still hoping Moorespeed's experience was a fluke. One thing I do know for sure is that I have seen other parts sold by BMWAG more recently that are crap but, so far, just about everything Moorespeed has said about the 336 newly produced or otherwise sounded like he made it up to me based on my experience with them and other inmates experience with them as well. Can't see why you would want to run one? If I had found that they make less power than a 308 under 6000 rpm I wouldn't want to run one either but that isn't even close to what I have experienced. Quite the opposite actually! My experience with them is more like pj's, mattcfish's, robtg's, and Dr. Curve's, for instance. I am here trying to make sense out of a story that so far makes little sense to me even though it is getting quite a life of its own but that isn't the first time I have seen that happen.

It's great that you bought one to see what is actually going on. The last one I bought was about four years ago! I put it in a R90 with some Dell's and high CR pistons. Just a month a ago that guy told me yet again that he LOVES the setup.
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