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I was just tossing out a voltage higher than 12V as an example for a voltmeter. Actual charging minimum voltage needed depends upon the battery type as you pointed out. My running engine voltages on 2 bikes generally run 14+ V and have so far been enough even on short rides to replace the energy used up from starting.

Of course we would all want the maximum capacity battery for the unexpected. However unless EarthX, for example, is being untruthful about their AmpHour capacity within the stated environmental envelope, then it should be the equivalent of the lead/acid it replaced. If that's not the case we will find out.

In the EarthX case the 'correct' battery for my bike is the 18Ah. The 24Ah and 36aH all fit in the same "C" case as the 18aH. The 18aH is $209, the 36aH is $339. If I was going super remote, and didn't trust the battery manufacturer I would get the biggest LiFe I could (or get an AGM), but in general why spend the bucks if the proper size works at least as well as the lead/acid it replaces.

I do and have taken my adventure bikes very remote and extreme temperatures at times over the last 40+ years of riding and so far so good. Never been stranded by a bad battery yet, not even a Shorai.
see my LiFePO4 testing thread for detailed info on Earth-X actual amp hour capacities, as measured by regenerative discharge with a Powerlab8. which is one of main differences of my tests vs Joel's has no actual amp hour capacity tests.

Earth-X in tests so far, flat delivers huge cranking amps. using Joel's testing methodology of 200amps for 30sec, 10sec and 20sec. ETX24 delivered the goods!!! very impressive performance. in terms of cranking power, outperformed Shorai LFX21 by a considerable margin. note tests done at room temps so far for Earth-X. performance under real life cold conditions is what counts.

Shorai LFX36 is still the big dog ... yes Shorai LFX36 survived three complete Joel cycles (180 sec @ 200amp) discharges without missing a beat. had to stop test due to overheating Snap-on carbon pile tester. LFX36 had lots left when tests was stopped.

Earth-X36C discharge tests coming up soon.

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