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Just read through all of this - very cool project HF!

I have an '06 FZ1, we have been playing with the PCIII and PCV on that bike for 6 years now on the FZ1 board. The maps that work on that bike all have a similar pattern - pretty significant fuel add at 2% through 20%. Stock EPA mapping is real lean here, and the throttle response is soggy. Richening it up in that zone does hurt gas mileage (perhaps an 8% reduction), but the bike runs so much sharper. The thottle feels way more connected to the rear tire vs. the numb stock response. Top end mapping it large throttle openings is pretty close. We lean it out just a tad on the FZ1, even with a full exhaust and no CAT. Obviously the top end mapping was way rich on a stock bike.

A whole 'nuther adjoostment to play with is the "accelerator pump" fuction, which give the engine an extra squirt of fuel for a set number of crank revolutions. Commonly guys run a 15% bump for 30 revolutions with medium sensitivity. This may help the engine respond when "grabbing a handful". I don't bother with it on the street bike as it is hellaciously sharp and fast as is, but it may be something worth tinkering with. I gather you like to tinker...

Attached is a screenshot of the map I run in my FZ1. Curious how it compares to your setup.

I know the WRR is a different bike than the FZ1, but the map in the ECU is tuned for EPA compliance at part throttle and cruise, and they all come "safely fat" on the top end. I have an ignition module too - don't know if your PCV does that. If it does, I will post up the ignition table. Adding advance at light throttle really frees up the throttle response and gets back some of the lost fuel economy from richening up the part throttle. The advance for larger throttle openings is close. This is all per dyno testing by a few different tuners. We have a map database on the FZ1 forum, I happen to be the "map maven".

The HP gains from remapping and a a CAT free full exhaust are actually pretty significant on the FZ1 - around 18 hp in the midrange. All else being equal, divide by 4 still makes for a 4 to 5 hp midrange bump on a stock WRR, more with your big bore kit. A wide open dyno run only tells a slice of the story. Peak power may rise some, but the midrange power and throttle response increase is no doubt pretty substantial with your mods. The real story, (filled with wheelies, growling up gnarly hills and shooting roost) for a dirt bike, is in midrange and part throttle response.

Nice work!
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