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Hey everybody!


... Or whatever you happen to celebrate!

Thought I forgot about you? Thought you could escape that easily?


I have been busy with holiday stuff and also some sort of projectile vomiting flu plague thing which I am now finally getting over. I've heard it's been going around. Beware!

I'm closing in on updates, I've got a few more from death valley, then saline and manzanar and I'll be to the accident, which is just in time, because my wrist is getting pretty close to healed and I'm more than eager to get on the road again. I need to fix stuff (it's kind of hard to work metal with a gimpy dominant wrist), apply for passport renewal, bla bla bla. I'll be in Phoenix until at least the new year I think, but I'm hoping I'll have my shit together enough to leave shortly thereafter.

I'll do replies and another update in the next day or two.

Anyways! Hope you are having a good time of it, and try not to get too drunk.
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