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Ride to Grenada and Grenada

Random town on the ride with the latitiude

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Pawel is quite the ladies man and as soon we stopped this lady came running up to talk to him. She was quite smitten with the Canadian.

Random street sign that I think means find a girl here and walk with her.


We only stayed one night in Grenada. Another cool historical city and I could have stayed longer but I was ready to get to the beach. The one night we stayed we just walked around and checked out the city. I liked Granda much more than Leon.

I am not sure Pawel would say the same. He got harassed by a cop that looked exactly like Lou Diamond Phillips. I am sure that Pawel is pretty tired of all my LDP jokes but I still think that it is hilarious.

Here is Pawel and LDP(Lou Diamond Phillips)

The Canadian boys talking their way into Pawel getting 2 tickets!!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I am taking the pictures from where we pulled the bikes into our hostel. Pawel is where we parked on a one way street. So we basically drove across the street to pull into the hostel. But technically we drove about 10 meters in the wrong direction. LDP never came directly out and asked for money but that is what he wanted. He didn't see Mihal and myself so he didn't say a word to us. Even the front desk lady at the Hostel came out to talk to LDP. But he held his ground. One ticket for going the wrong way on a one way and the other for an illeagal U-turn. Total BS but what are you going to do. The fine was about 25 US and he went to the policia later to get it all sorted. More to come on that!!


Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

2 of us off to San Juan del Sur tomorrow with a stop at Apoyo a crater lake.
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