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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
not sure why you have seven water bottles, that's a whole lotta space!!!, but a camel back and the bladder will be plenty. Great thing about the bladder is that it rolls up when not needed. I only had mine filled up in Nevada
Maybe I should scrap the water bottles? If I do carry then they're al strapped to the outside of my saddle bags in holders so I don't use up any valuable space. That was one of the reasons I thought of carrying my water that way.I remember reading that one will need 2 gal of water a day when in the desert-maybe that's too much?
what do I know, I've never been more than 2 blocks from a store that sells water,lol. My reasoning for the water bottles being carried that way(as opposed to just a dromedary) is because the weight would be down lower than if I carry the bladder which would be up high. I was thinking of carrying the bladder empty and only fill it at the very end of the day if I had a chance as extra insurance while in the desert,but maybe I should do one or the other.
There's a few things that I think about that make me anxious doing this trip solo:
too much weight,running out of fuel,getting lost,breaking down,and running out of water-and I think fuel & water are at the top.

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