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One of the many great things about the TAT, is the great memories you'll have after doing the trip. It ranks up there with the top 2-3 things I've ever done. Doing a RR with pictures is a great way to remember the adventure. I did a short TAT, TN, MS and Ar, and found out I had forgotten a lot of the roads and sights.

Ride within your ability, as it's a long trip and crashing out by being stupid isn't something you'll want to experience. The goal is to finish speed isn't worth it...especially solo.

I'll tell you, one minute you can be moving right along all happy and content, but then wham someting can happen to change then whole trip. I had just gone over Marshal Pass, the 1st mountain pass...and just got on a short highway section then pow....the motor died and I coasted to a stop.......I'll tell you a lot of things go through your mind in a hurry..trip over....long way from home.....this is gonna be costly....etc. Luckily it was a relatively simple fix, noting a 20 mile tow and a day and 1/2 layover wouldn't cure. Now we really enjoyed the riding, but also usually had one day off per week of relaxing in some hole in the wall place. This was nice to look over the bikes, do laundry and suck down some nice cold beer. we had about 3 days off due to, broken shift lever, lost contact lens and one other day for some reason. Going solo give you the freedom to go at your own pace, but might get a little boring. I was lucky to find two old dues...(I hope you guys are reading this) to ride with. For guys who had never met before things went pretty well for 4 weeks, a few small differences, but I still have fond memories of the trip and both guys.
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