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OK, I just copied the entire latest version NA.2013.30 file download (yikes - 6.83GB total) to an 8GB SD card with objective of being able to select that latest map version with SD inserted into my original Zumo 550. As clarification, I own 2/ea Zumo 550, SP2730 and SP2720 units. The other Z550 and both SP2730 feature LM subscriptions, so my hope is to piggyback off those for my original Zumo unit. I figured Zumo would prompt me if I'd like to import newly found data, but no dice. I even detached the files from the NA.2013.30 folder in case that was an issue but no dice.

Some of you mentioned much smaller file sizes, so I'm thinking only a subset of files within 6.83GB total are required? Some clarification would be helpful. What file names/extensions/sizes are you using successfully? I'm not a Garmin novice and I'm actually proficient in creating custom MapSource routing, but this has me stumped. TIA...
It doesn't work like that.

You must use mapinstall or one of Garmins map updaters to install maps on your GPS.

If you simply copied the downloaded file from your computer to the SD card that just will not work.

The install programs compile the maps into a different format than the file that you downloaded from Garmin.
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