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Originally Posted by obrianmcc View Post
Congrats on your new toy ..... I bought the same bike back in Sept and have been thoroughly enjoying it!

My first bit of advice if you intend to ride any off road is to stay away from the Yamaha Skid Plate ...... It mounts directly to the sump.

I am amazed at how agile the bike is weighing in at 500+......

I'm going to put the Ricochet skid plate on... it's tougher than the Yami plate, but still has some attachment to the sump, but it's not a solid mount, has a rubber/movable bushings between so it gives if hit... I don't really intend to take this bike on roads rated harder than level 3 (IAMC grading)... I've hung on to my KLR for those rides up to Louie Lake, Black Rock Mine and Trinity Peak LO etc... this bike is meant to replace my 1700 Nomad as my long range touring bike and easy going back roads/fire roads when the tar ends and/or the bike I'll take to Alaska/Mexico when that happens...

what do you like best about your S Ten so far?... any dislikes??

I've done a ton of research on this bike before making this decision vs getting the 1200 GSA, and I feel very comfortable with the choice...

cheers! rick
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