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Originally Posted by Unstable Rider View Post
Shout out to JDG, thanks for the compliment and the question at the same time.


After PhotoMatix, I returned to PhotoShop with my HDR -like image. In PhotoShop I "desaturated" my image, which removes the color and flips it black and white. After desaturation, I jacked it up to like 600% viewing size, and "hand painted" or hand brushed back in the colors that were removed, using the history brush tool in PhotoShop. After that, a bit of contrast, hue and brightness and you end up with either something you like, or a MUDPIE.

Guess I got lucky with this one

Again, I would not know what I know if our brothers here had not TAUGHT ME from scratch. Many of these other fellows really rock in the HDR department here, so hats off to them first.


Thanks for the explanation. I thought you might have done a desaturation layer on top of the original and then erased the desaturated areas where you wanted color - something that still baffles me when I try it.

I'll give your process a try - it might work for me. However you did it, it looks great.


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